Your Property Page

Here's a quick look at how your property page could look on Stayy. Because all properties on Stayy are invite only, only the guests you allow access to will be able to see your property page.

You can also Join Stayy and check out the live Example Property to see how the property calendar functions from a guest perspective.

Stayy Property Page Example

Stayy Property Page Example

In the example above you should note the Owner/Manager options buttons just above the property images. From there you can change your photos and other settings. You can manager your property's guest list and invite new guests from the Guest List button. The round button with a play button indicates the visibility of your property for your guests. You can choose from active, paused, or hidden.

You can add up to 8 property images.

The Stayy scheduling calendar is up next after your photos and property title. Beautifully interactive and intuitive to use, you can schedule stays, mark dates as unavailable, and respond to stay requests right from the calendar. Comments on scheduled stays are also visible here on the calendar, if you have the social options turned on if your property settings.

You can also manage upcoming stays as a list view through the Guests button in the top navigation bar (this Guests page also aggregates stays across all of your properties).

The info bar below the calendar shows details for your guests based on the options you choose for your property. This can include nightly or cleaning costs and limitations on stay length and number of guests allowed. This info is automatically generated from your settings choices.

Stayy Features - Info Bar

Stayy Features - Info Bar

The remainder of the page is displayed based on your settings for House Rules, Amenities available, and free-form Guest information where you can write in whatever you think will be important.

Thank you for staying.

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