Open your door to friends & family.

Make your home or vacation property privately available for trusted friends and family to stay.

STAYY privately

Why Stayy

Manage your ski-share cabin

manage your ski share cabin

Stayy’s scheduling calendar is made for property owners, for seasonal renters, and for guests. Stayy makes it simple to know who’s coming and going, who has paid, and who’s bringing more guests. Anonymize guests, or stay socially to get the most from your property.

Why Stayy

Stayy is why we can have nice things!

When it’s friends and family staying, you don’t have to worry about your beautiful decor. ..well, at least you’ll know who’s kid to blame for ruining your area rug.

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  • Private accommodations

    It can be hard to ask a friend or family member to stay at their place, and even harder to say no or ask for money from friends wanting to stay at your gorgeous getaway home. With Stayy there’s no social cost to seeing what’s available, when, and for how much. It’s easy to get reimbursed for costs too, as we all know, property maintenance and cleaning isn’t free.

  • Try the vacation rental business

    Worried about strangers renting your property? Want to get a feel for the logistics and headaches of letting others stay in your property? Test everything with friends & family so your property is fully ready for 5 star ratings when it hits the rental market!

  • Enjoyment value

    Vacant properties are wasteful for everyone. Stay helps you see year round value from your property even in towns that have banned short term rentals. Friends and family can always stay!

Why Stayy

Feeling nomadic?

Stayy awhile home sharing mobile

Share your apartment with trusted friends while you’re away on your next adventure. Stayy is amazing for letting your friends stay while you travel. Whether free or paid, it’s simple to set availability for only the trusted friends you invite.

Why Stayy

Invite your friends to Stayy

Stayy awhile home sharing mobile

You control who sees your property, availability, and the prices each type of guest will see. Share your vacation getaway spot when you have to be back in the office. Share your midtown apartment when you’re away. All easily & privately scheduled without constantly announcing your personal travel plans to on your social media accounts.

Why Stayy

Earn more from your vacation rental business

earn more fromv your vacation rental

You already have your own list of amazing returning guests. Why not keep more revenue from each stay? HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, Vacasa, Flipkey, and other property marketing websites charge listing fees, take a significant percentage of your booking revenue, and tack on their own fees to maximize their own profit from your hard work of managing a rental property. Use Stayy and take your revenue back or let your amazing guests save considerably over the high fees to those marketing platforms.

Free multi-user property scheduling calendar and amazing features. The only costs are associated with payment processing, and that’s only if you are using asking your guests to pay for their stays.

Private accommoda­tions are the better way to Stayy.

relax and stayy awhile

Thank you for staying.

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