Private accommod­ations from trusted friends & family.

We’re on a mission to make private property vacancies accessible through trusted networks. Because sharing is caring. Actualizing value from otherwise empty space is caring for all of humanity.

STAYY trusted private accommodations

Why Stayy

Social, if you want.

socially share with people you trust

Private to those people you trust, and social, if you want it to be. Stayy isn’t just a calendar of who’s staying and when. It’s easy to coordinate your stays and facilitate guest and property needs through stay comments.

stayy home sharing calendar

Why Stayy

Stayy is the answer for your place

Country cottage, small town home, beach bungalow or a big city pied-à-terre. Any time of year, any kind of place you want to share, anywhere in the world. There are no public listings or marketing pages for your property.

stayy is for sharing your property
  • Stayy is ideal for seasonal rentals.

    Stayy coalesced from seeing the hacked together solutions that friends were using for ski-share property rentals. Where a small group of friends split the cost to rent a cabin for the ski season, and then would invite friends to stay for a nominal fee per night. The Stayy Property Memberships feature is perfect for this.

  • Stayy is ideal for grandma’s house.

    Who’s staying, which weekend, and in which bedroom? Stop scribbling everything on a calendar or trying to track a group chat and try Stayy!

The idea is exactly what we need. An app to give friends and family private access to book our place. Much less awkward than them having to ask us. But it needs a bit more work! Need to be able to set different prices for different times of year. I tried to set price for the whole property. but it still comes up as that price per person. Please keep going, we will use it.

Roger W.

Great idea, site is really clean! Let me know what you need help testing, I’d love to share this with my family and use for next year.

Josh F.

Why Stayy

Paid stays or just easy scheduling.

shared calendar with payments

The Stayy scheduling calendar is is great for letting your guests see what’s available & manage their own schedule (with your oversight). Add payments to easily receive payments or reimbursements for the costs of using your property like nightly rates or cleaning. Set price variants for different types of guests. For example, friends could stay for free, but your mother-in-law would see the regular full rental rates. Making it simple to charge, or not charge, different people without questions. Property memberships for shared properties or seasonal rentals are also easy to manage with one time membership payments or recurring monthly membership options for your guests. You can create what works best for your property’s unique needs.

Stayy costs:

Credit card payments: 4.5% + $1

Bank transfers: 1.5% or $99 (whichever is lower).

Scheduling only: FREE

These payment processing costs are almost entirely from banking fees, with a tiny sliver for Stayy to keep our servers running and continue making improvements to the site.

This is a great idea. Just came across it. I am building a cabin - no short term rentals. But I will allow friends and family to use my cabin. I need a simple app that helps me organize friends and family's stays.

Dave H.

Private accommoda­tions are the better way to Stayy.

relax and stayy awhile

Thank you for staying.

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