Why Stayy?

Stay is, in our opinion, the ideal name for the product we are building.

Specifically intended to make it easy to Stay.

But why the extra Y?

Well, a couple reasons. First domain names are more and more difficult to get. Especially short property spelled .com domain names, some of which is due to domain squatters trying to sell them for obscene amounts of money. Stayy was one of many natural option to extend stay and find an available domain name.

For stylization of the brand logo, STAYY also lends itself beautifully to the use of negative space between the two Ys. Creating a little minimalist house with the addition of our logo mark open door. Just look how cute that little house is! After all, Stayy is here to help you open your door to trusted friends and family.

Here are a few reasons that make Stayy perfect for managing your property:

  • A free to use vacation property sharing calendar.
  • Invite only properties.
  • Built in payment processing for variable nightly rates, cleaning fees, and even monthly recurring payment options through property memberships.
  • Multiple guest roles so you can set different access permissions and costs for different types of guests.
  • Social features for friends and family sharing property access.
  • Anonymized calendar view options for properties with more liberal guest access.
  • Property status settings for one click property management functions.
  • Property guest list so you can see who has access and manage their access permissions.

Stayy only works when people share their properties, so share your place today. And post https://STAYY.net to your favorite social media so your friends and family can share their places too.

Thank you for staying.

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