The Perfect Shared Property Use Calendar For Your Family Vacation Home.

Instantly see who's coming and going.

We’ve designed and built most efficient property scheduling calendar we’ve ever seen. And it’s free for you and your friends to use.

Whether you want to schedule by your whole place, by sleeping space, or by guest — it’s all super simple to set up and manage your space the way you want.

Stayy Family Vacation Property Shared Scheduling Calendar

Stayy Family Vacation Property Shared Scheduling Calendar

How do I share my place? How do I manage scheduling for my family vacation home?

Stayy lets you offload scheduling management with the shared scheduling calendar. It's simple to set usage rules for property managers, guests, and family as different guest roles. For example you could set your Stayy calendar so that mom can stay for free as long as she wants, but the cousins and their friends are limited to five days and have to reimburse you for a home cleaning.

Property guests rules also let you set who can schedule instantly and who can only request to stay. Giving you an extra measure of control over your vacation calendar, if you want it.

Thank you for staying.

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