Guest Access Roles for Your Property.

Stayy lets you set user roles for your property guests individually. You can choose this when you invite them or change their role from your property Guest List page as needed. 

The preset property roles are Owner, Manager, Member, Family, and Guest. You can also adjust stay scheduling settings under the Guest List Settings for each guest role.

Why have different property access roles?

Equality is something we should all strive for in all aspects of life. But your property costs money to own and operate. Taxes, utilities, and general wear adds up quickly over time. So access limits are a good thing because not all friends and family are the same. Like an acquaintance that would have stayed at a hotel can obviously afford to reimburse you for some nightly basic household costs and the cleaning fee that you get charged. Whereas your mother could pay the same, but would you really charge her?

Simplifying these ideas is the goal of having a few easy to use guest roles available for any property on Stayy. More details for each role are listed below.

Property owner:

As the person that added the property to Stayy, are the property “owner”. Regardless of whether you own the physical property. Only the owner can setup and manage the connected payment account needed to receive income or reimbursements from guests.


Managers can have their own pricing for stays, but also have access to all property settings (except payments), property status, and the property guest list.


The simple Guest role has its own settings for pricing and scheduling rules.


Family is essentially the same as any other Guest, but can have separate pricing and scheduling rules.


Members are an additional guest type role you can choose to use if you need it – (set this from your property edit page).

Members start with a monthly subscription or one time payment to become a member of your property. Once activated they will have access to your property scheduling calendar. Just like the other family or guest roles, members can have their own pricing details. If you choose to allow it, members can also invite their own guests under the guest role settings. Members’ guests will lose access to your property if their membership lapses or reaches its preset end date. You can then create a new membership and all will be instantly reinstated, otherwise members without an active membership will be limited to a “view only” status and not be able to access your property calendar or schedule time.

Thank you for staying.

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